all about Creative Permanent Color

    1. Welcome to Creative Permanent 101

    2. Meet Your Instructor

    3. Creative Permanent Overview

    4. Ingredients

    5. Grey Coverage Application

    6. Course Materials

milk_shake smoothies 101

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everything you need to know to get creative.

/ in this class you will learn:
  • what creative permanent color is
  • tonal families
  • tonal range
  • ideal applications

    / how to use creative permanent color: :
  • mixing ratios
  • processing times
  • guide to oxidizing emulsions

    / application demo:
  • grey coverage
  • color blending
  • designed with professional colorists in mind.

    Grey coverage, tonality, vibrancy, consistency, and formulation—these are the qualities that matter most to the professional colorist.

    milk_shake creative permanent color delivers high quality pigments with intuitive formulation in an infinite array of color possibilities. There is virtually no limit to what you can create. With an advanced, molar-balanced formula, this highly conditioning color is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity without sacrificing the health of your clients’ hair.

    Creative permanent color is ideal for:
    • Grey coverage
    • Dramatic color changes
    • All over color application