We’ve gathered top talents from our artistic team to interpret the latest in cut, color, and styling to develop beauty insights— ready-to-wear collections inspired by high fashion hair. Beauty insights marks a departure from the traditional approach of dictating trends to be followed and instead gets curious and inspired by the end client.


Trend Releases

Beauty Insights were created to be versatile, adaptable and above all—useful to salon professionals. To complement your busy schedule, we will release curated sets of trends throughout the year. These trend releases are designed to be immediately usable in your salon.

Inspiration + Education

Each look in a trend release has a corresponding digital course that takes you through all of the steps needed to recreate it. You can expect new trends to be released on a bi-monthly basis. Designed to be flexible, there are multiple ways to gain access to each trend release—giving you the power to choose the plan that best fits your needs.